Montag, 16. November 2015



To place an order please send me an email to the address stated below with your full address details and order list. Please see the  shop or side bar for the available range.

nelesell at hotmail dot de

Payment has to be done using paypal or a SEPA transaction.(international postage is 3.50 GBP for parcels below 500gr. 5 GBP for parcels above 500gr. Signed for shipping is an additional 1.50 GBP). Please allow up to ten to 15 working days for delivery . Orders for more than 100 GBP will include an unreleased mounted miniature and free shipping.

Mittwoch, 11. November 2015

Goblin Hero

Available as an add-on to those that already pledged.

Dienstag, 3. November 2015

armoured wolf

A painted example of the new armoured wolf that is available via the campaign.

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015

Indiegogo Campaign

I´m running another Indiegogo campaign to fund the production of the sculpts that came together over last 18 months. Please have a look and spread the word. Thanks.

Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

Donnerstag, 26. März 2015

Still here

It has been rather quiet of late but there are new releases on the horizon including larger critters...

Until then a wolf rider I managed to paint.