Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Wanted: commission painter

I´m looking for someone to paint up parts of the Crroked Claw goblin range for promotion purposes. You don´t have to be a golden demon winner or anything like that. What I´m looking for is to get packs or individual warmachines painted to good or very good tabletop standard. If you are interested please get in touch (pictures of your work and your going rates would be handy).


nelesell at hotmail dot de

Samstag, 19. April 2014

What´s going on?

With the delivery of the remaining IndieGoGo miniatures on Tuesday I hope to have the campaign wrapped up by the middle of May. From June onwards the funded miniatures will be released in several waves.

New additions to the 'shop' will be:

-Goblin Shaman
-Trebuchet and three crew
-wolf riders armed with hand weapons incl.command
-wolf rider scouts armed with bows
-new Goblin spear pack
-new Goblin archer pack
-new Goblin command pack
-special IndieGoGo foot goblin
-new Goblin nfantry pack

The new spear, archer and command packs will contain both old and new miniatures. In order to adopt to rising metal prices I for now have to drop the free shields from the packs.

Following the campaign Kev Adams hasn´t been idle and converted some of the existing greens: